How To Be Productive (And How My January's Going)

January 28, 2019

Kumusta, mga ka-eighth circle of hell?

It's so, so cold in Manila right now. Temperature's at 21 degrees (which is cold in Manila standards!) This city's so overheated at times that the temp dropping to 21 degrees is definitely an upgrade? Lowgrade? Dunno.

As my (hopefully!) last semester in college has begun, I've been training myself to make use of my time wisely as I'm juggling work and school.

Add to that list the projects that I'm working on launching this year, so yeah, I really gotta crush this productivity game!

Then, for what seems like divine intervention, I came across this Trello blog article that really sparked my whole being. (This is the part where I reveal my unhealthy obsession with Trello's content.)

I really love the part about the Value vs. Complexity method. Basically it's a method where you graph your list of priorities according to their value level and effort level. The method wants you to prioritize the priority that has high value and low effort and discard the priorities that have low value and high effort.

I tried it and life has been better since. I'll talk about this in depth on my next blog post!

Here are some of my January 2019 highlights:

  • This month's playlist is Kendrick Lamar's "DAMN." because heck if I don't get hyped by this album.
  • Mcdo's iced coffee vanilla is still the real OG. I've developed my obsession for this drink back in 2018 and the relationship is still going strong.
  • Trying to be Marie Kondo is a struggle. I keep reminding myself that I really don't need to buy more organizers. It's turning into an expensive habit, you know? Last night I was looking for a gift for my boyfriend's birthday on Shopee then I found myself in the cabinet organizers section. This obsession has to stop sparking joy!
So how's your January been? Has it been cuddle weather or pajama weather? (Your relationship status will most likely dictate what's the answer hehe)

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